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Mathsbaron  has trained 100+ students in Mathematics and Physics since four years . Our students have grown steadily . And they range from class 2 to class 10 . We believe in conceptual learning and have been training students for Olympiad , NTSE and Board exams .

We would like to share some kind words received from our students and Parents :

1. The concepts taught are very easy and helpful and are extremely useful in everyday    maths and competitive exams. Class is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their pace in solving sums.  – AMON , CLASS X , NPS Koramangla

2. Great ! Very useful for competitive exams .No crowd so I could understand everything well . Waiting for my Olympiad paper to see my improvements. Made great friends too. – Shreya , Class VIII , Freedom International

3. Amazing!!Very useful to improve speed for all competitive exams . Understood everything so well . –  Anushka , Class VII , Gear Innovative International School

4. Aditi likes coming to the Mathsbaron Class . She has been building on skills and likes to practice these at home . – Mother of Aditi Jain , Class IV , Vibgyor High

5. Learning methods to solve sums quickly is lot of fun . I love coming to the Mathsbaron class.  – Aswath ,Class III , DPS East

6. Really very useful for Olympiad ! Understood higher grade questions in easier way .Can finish 62 pages within 1.5 month which I usually used to complete in 2.5 months. Waiting for the exam to see my improvements in the result . And made a lot of friends. – Kevin Preji , Class V , St Peter’s School

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