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Mathsbaron Summer Camp in High Speed Mental Mathematics and Experimental Science 2019

A very unique  workshop which teaches the concepts of High Speed Mental Mathematics and Experimental Science using experiments and experiential learning. It helps the children to hone the analytical/logical skills by tracing patterns in numbers and everyday science concepts using experiments and observation.

Suited for children in the age of 9 – 17

Group 1 –  9- 12 years of age

Group 2 – 13 and above

Workshop includes Worksheet , Handout of all the concepts taught in the workshop

Workshop Venue : SJR Redwoods Apartment

Start Date : 2nd April

Venue : SJR Redwoods Apartment


High Speed Mathematics – Multiplication of 2 three digit numbers

Learn a very easy way to multiple two, three digit numbers in a very easy way using the concept of “Vertically and Cross Wise”.

Q )  789 x 263 = ?

Watch this video on our YouTube Channel “Mathsbaron” to learn this simple trick.


There are 5 symmetrical steps involved over here.

Step 1  -> 9  x  3 = 27 : 7 is kept at the unit’s place and 2 is carried over to the next place value.

Step 2 -> (8 x 3) + (9  x  6) = 24 + 54 =  78 ; 8, the carried over digit 7 is placed to the next place value.

Step 3 -> (7  x 3) + (9  x  6) + ( 9  x  2) =  21 + 18 + 48 = 87 ; 7, the carried over digit 8 is placed below fourth digit.

Step 4 -> (7 x 6) + ( 8 x 2) = 42 + 16 = 58; 8, the carried over digit 5 is placed below fifth digit.

Step 5 -> ( 7 x 2 ) = 14


vi) Respective digits are added with the carry over digits.  So the answer is 207507

Keep watching this space for some more easy tricks which makes calculation really simple.



Summer Workshops – April 2015

Upcoming High Speed Mental Mathematics – summer workshops in Bengaluru

Mathsbaron_promo_poster_21) Two day weekend workshop @ Atta Glatta, Koramangala  (11th and 12th April 2015)

For details and to register, Click the “Going” button  in the Event Link

2) 10 days summer workshop @ Easy Lib, Koramangala (13th April – 20th April 2015)

For details and to register, Click the “Going” button  in the Event Link

3) 10 days summer workshop @ Sarjapura Road Area (Batches starting 6th April and 20th April)

4) 10 days workshop @ WeGotGuru Studio in Sarjapura Road (Batches starting 4th May and 18th May)

The Largest known prime number

Prime_NumbersA prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. The Numbers in the picture represents the first 168 prime numbers, all of which are less than 1000.

Discovery or first study of the prime numbers dates back to 300 BC by ancient Greek mathematician. Unfortunately there were not many studies happened until 17th century when Pierre de Fermat came up with Fermat numbers. Marin Mersenne, a French philosopher and mathematician came up with prime numbers of the form of 2p – 1 known as Mersenne prime.

Way back in 3rd century BC, ancient Greek mathematician stated that there is infinite number of prime numbers. Since then mathematicians have been working on an endeavor to find largest prime number. The largest ever known prime number is a Mersenne prime number 257,885,161 – 1 (a 17,425,170 digit number). Dr. Curtis Copper, a professor of University of Central Missouri discovered this prime number on 25th Jan 2013. The number is so big that the primality proof took 39 days of non-stop computing on one of the university’s computer.

Until 19th century there was not much usage of prime numbers. During world war usage of prime numbers started for data encryption. Some of the modern cryptography algorithm is based on prime numbers.

Board Express Program

We are pleased to announce a new  program  –  Board Express Program for Maths & Physics.

The course gives impetus in covering the entire maths and physics syllabus in a comprehensive way. Focus is given on concept building with numerous problems and exercises. Coaching offered in both Maths and Physics for both ICSE and CBSE board. A child has the option to opt for either Maths and Physics or both.

Course Details:

Course Duration:   Two classes in math and one class in Physics per week.

New Batches starting 1st July @ SJR redwoods Apartment, Harlur Road, off Sarjapura Road, Bengaluru – 560102

Demo class on 26th June. For registrations call us @ +91-99860-72003  or email to

Maths Olympiad Preparatory Course

SFO_Maths_OlympiadMathsbaron team is pleased to announce International Maths Olympiad Preparatory Course. This is a fast paced course focused on preparing for International Mathematics Olympiad. The course is based on ICSE / CBSE syllabus and helps the child to do well in class as well as building competitive skills. The course is helpful in building the analytic, cognitive skills of a child and past students have shown marked improvement in the overall mathematical aptitude.

Course Details:

Course Duration:   6 Months, Two classes (1.5 hrs each) per week

Age group: 9 -17 years old. Separate batches for Junior and Senior classes.

New Batches starting 1st July @ SJR redwoods Apartment, Harlur Road, off Sarjapura Road, Bengaluru – 560102

Demo class on 26th June. For registrations call us @ +91-99860-72003  or email to