MathsBaron” is the pioneer in conducting Vedic Mathematics workshops for students and children from various age groups.  MathsBaron has been envisioned and started by people from some of the top colleges in Engineering and IIM, having worked for some of the top companies of the world, who wanted to spearhead the cause of value education for children and youth.

Our aim is to alleviate the fear of Math’s amongst the children and make learning Mathematics highly interesting. Vedic Mathematics is derived from Atharva Veda, the fourth Veda which deals with Engineering, Architecture (Vaastu Shastra), Medicine, Mathematics. Vedic Math’s helps to solve mathematical problems of all kinds easily and efficiently and 10-12 times much faster than the conventional methods.  We firmly believe that every child is unique and gifted. We have a scientific and well researched approach .

Our Mission

Our Mission in Mathsbaron is to alleviate the fear of Mathematics among students. We strive to make learning interesting and full of fun through application of Vedic Math’s and use of interesting games and puzzles.

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